Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery can involve many different techniques when it comes to handling trees - crown lifting, crown thinning, dead wood, reduction, pollarding, stump grinding and more. All techniques are used to ensure one thing - making your tree healthy. Trees that require the attention of a surgeon are those looking sick especially damaged by disease. Unhealthy trees that threaten to lose their branches and even tip over because of rotten roots usually require urgent attention - if trees are growing too close to your property they could cause damage. Don’t let your tree become untreatable, get in touch with us today.

Tree Pruning

We can help determine the type of pruning that is necessary to maintain or improve the appearance, health and safety of your trees. Depending on the age of your trees, specific types of pruning may be necessary to help maintain your tree in a healthy, attractive and safe condition. We always take great pride in the quality of our tree pruning and we always ensure we leave our clients with a healthy and natural looking tree.

Tree Removal

Tree removal is always a last resort for us, but if we have exhausted all options, there are certain circumstances when removal is absolutely necessary. This usually tends to be when your trees are causing structural damage to your own property or that your trees pose a health and safety risk due to disease. We can always help decide whether or not a tree should be removed and, if a removal is deemed necessary, we will remove with minimal environmental impact to the surrounding area and also with minimal impact to you and your property. Our abundance of experience in tree removal will ensure we get the job done in a timely and safe manner for you.

Emergency Tree Care

We offer an emergency tree care service to all our customers. As the weight of trees is usually greater than what surrounds it, tree surgeons have to be alert to certain situations where the likeliness of tree damage is high. Storms may cause trees to break or fall, landing on cars, homes and even other weaker trees causing them to fall and cause damage too. Fallen and broken trees can be very dangerous to remove or prune and we will need to immediately assess the site to conduct our emergency work in a fast and safe manner, whilst reducing any further risk of damage. If you find a tree in what you deem to be an unsafe position, please get in touch with us without delay.

Crown Thinning & Reduction

Crown thinning is defined as the removal of selected ‘live’ branches growing through the crown of the tree. Thinning of a crown can result in a much more even distribution of foliage on the tree and therefore will allow more light to penetrate through and will reduce the wind resistance on the tree. Crown thinning generally reduces the potential for storm damage. Crown reduction is used to reduce the height and spread of the crown of a tree by removing the ends of the branches whilst maintaining the natural sheep of the tree. Crown reduction is undertaken to allow the continued conservation of the tree as opposed to creating further problems like having to fell the tree.

Hedge Trimming

Alongside the tree work that we undertake, we also carry out hedge trimming and garden maintenance of bushes and shrubbery. As part of our hedge trimming service we can trim any kind of hedge and will ensure that our work is carried out safely and efficiently and ensure all vegetation is cleared away upon completion of the job. If you need us to remove an overgrown or unwanted hedge, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


A common question asked in tree surgery is ‘What is pollarding?’ - Pollarding is a tried and tested method of pruning trees, originally used to cultivate wood. The wood would then be used for many applications such as stakes and telegraph poles (still seen today). Pollarding is a method that allows you to preserve your mature trees whilst at the same time not impeding on structures in close proximity. The trees are allowed to be kept within a maintainable size and will often result in a very aesthetically pleasing crown once pollarding is complete.

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